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With our HOME WATCH program, you will receive a comprehensive report immediately following our visit to your home outlining the findings of our inspection and our recommendations.  If there is an issue that needs immediate repair we will contact you so together we will make an action plan.   

Comprehensive Inspection

Exterior walk-a-round

  • check mailbox -bring in mail or newspapers
  • check driveway for newspapers - bring in
  • check exterior windows and door for signs of forced entry
  • check the roof for deep snow cover, ice damming, damage to roof material (if able to visualize from ground)
  • check the siding, fascia and soffit for damage
  • check outdoor furniture for wind movement/damage
  • check to make sure outbuilding are locked and secure (will enter buildings if requested)
  • check to make sure lawn is mowed or snow is removed

Interior walk-a-round

  • check home temperature and humdity
  • run a small amount of water through all faucets and flush and brush toilets
  • run garage disposal
  • start dishwasher and let run for a few minutes then drain - prop door open to allow interior to dry
  • check refrigerator and freezer
  • visualize ceilings, floor, and walls for any unusual changes such as stains, mold
  • check salt tank on softener
  • check water heater for TPR valve for leaks
  • check furnace/AC condensate
  • start car in garage

Snow-Birds, Vacationers, Relocations

Get Peace of Mind knowing your property is being

visually monitored while you are away

In Home Visits

  • we visit the home and perform an external an internal visual inspection of the major components at a frequency that you schedule
  • you get a comprehensive report with pictures immediately at the conclusion of the inspection
  • we will contact you immediately if there are issues that require immediate attention
  • we can coordinate repairs with local contractors and be the key holder to let them in and to monitor them during the service call (hourly rates apply)

Majeske Home Inspection Services provides a HOME WATCH program to give you comfort knowing that your home components are functioning safely and properly while you are away from home.  A vacant home can be a recipe for disaster in your absence.  A small water leak can progress into a large leak and cause thousands of dollars in damage before you know it.  The furnace can fail and the pipes can freeze and break. And sometimes insurance companies do not pay for damages when a house is vacant and unattended for long periods of time.