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Why get a home inspection?   Whether you are buying a new home, building a new home, or maintaining your current home, a professional home inspection is a must. A home inspection is the single most important investment and probably the least costly you can make in your home. At Majeske Home Inspection Services we will provide you with a comprehensive visual inspection of all your home's essential systems by State of Michigan Licensed Builder Mark Majeske (License number: 2101186764 ).

Why use Majeske Home Inspection Services?  
Mark Majeske has been working in the Home Inspection Industry since graduating from the comprehensive home inspection course at the American Inspectors Society in Stone Mountain Georgia in June of 2000. He has completed thousands of inspections in the greater Lansing area since. The certified inspection report you receive electronically at the end of your inspection allows you the opportunity to work with your Realtor to determine what negotiations can be presented to the seller prior to finalizing the contract. 

Your Report  The Certified Home Inspection report is recorded electronically and includes pictures and recommendations.  The completed report is immediately uploaded to the web at the end of the inspection.  You will receive an e-mail with a link to download the report to your computer for safekeeping and for easy access and review for years after the date of the inspection.   This format is neat and clean, unlike hand written reports that many inspectors still use.  This makes the inspection easy to read and understand and avoids having comments misinterpreted or misunderstood.   This is the most up to date, comprehensive and thorough way to perform a home inspection. Don't settle for anything less!     (See example at the bottom of this page)

FYI (IMPORTANT!)  Michigan does not require Home Inspectors to be certified or licensed. In other words, anyone can advertise and call themselves a Home Inspector. Over 90% of the inspectors found in the phone book and on-line in the Greater Lansing area do less then 5% of the inspection business. These so called "inspectors" have very little experience as they have other "full time work", and most are not licensed builders. Don't compromise or settle for a bargain in one of the most important services in your home buying experience. When shopping around, interview and ask your inspector questions about their experience and qualifications before scheduling your appointment.

Your Inspection 
Many home inspection companies like to speed through the inspection only to meet with you at the end. With Majeske Home Inspection Services we believe that your participation in the inspection is a highly valuable experience for you. We prefer that you go along with us during the inspection so that you have the opportunity to ask questions and allow for explanations of the issues that are found. We will show you areas of concern and familiarize you with the function and operation of the various systems. In order to ensure you get the most from your inspection, we recommend the following tips:

- Allow for about 2 or 3 hours of your time.

- Dress appropriately for the weather and to possibly get a little dirty.

- Make sure arrangements have been made ahead of time for full access into the house. Make sure all of the utilities are on and the seller is aware that the inspection is scheduled (usually the Realtor will take care of these issues for you).

Your Satisfaction  We value your home as much as you do! You are the customer and we are looking out for your interests and satisfaction, not the sellers or the Realtors!!!

The Bottom Line   When the inspection is complete, we want to be sure you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision about your new home. E-mail or call us today!

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